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Success / Express / Family / Career / Embodied Leadership / Life Path Healthy Lifestyle / Stress Management


The coaching relationship is a creative partnership between a coach and client that is both thought provoking and inspiring. The focus always remains on connecting a client to their stated goals. The coaching process helps to bridge gaps that are apparent and more importantly it reveals a client's hidden ways of being and seeing that are counter productive or self defeating. Creating new awareness is a key aspect of coaching that forms a foundation for cultivating positive and productive practices to enable brand new ways of being. Showing up in new ways will maximize a client's inherent potential and reveal brand new possibilities that lead to extraordinary results.


I coach in person, over the phone and via FaceTime or Zoom. Sessions are 60 minutes in length at a cost of $100 per session.  Each session is crafted in such a way that it effectively connects you to your stated goals and objectives.  



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