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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

The mind is a locked room, carefully constructed out of the finest stories

Resting upon foundations of ancient knowledge gathered over lifetimes

Life evades understanding from the confines of a finite mind and will not

be entered by knowing.

Life moves, flows, pulses beyond locked doors and dirty windows.

Become the stillness of snowflakes softly falling over sleeping trees

Listen intently to the music of the spheres like an oryx animated by

the distant rumble of thunder.

Breathe deeply as one who draws salty ocean air into eager lungs

Feel the caress of mother earth under bare feet

Surrender to life like a tired body might fall into a warm bed and unknowing

Be drawn to essence as effortlessly as a butterfly drifts toward the fragrance of flowers

Awaken like a fertile earth awakens when the wetness of rain reveals abundant life

When light enters locked rooms through dirty windows,

hitchhike across galaxies, alongside dust specks as they float carelessly on sunbeams.

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