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The Soulful Living Initiative

The Soulful Living initiative was born from the practice of open heartedness long before the idea of this workshop ever saw the light of day. This seems more than fitting, as the purpose of this initiative is to open the hearts of participants to soulful living.

Some months ago I met Meghan when our paths started crossing twice every week. The Sunday night meditation class that I like to join, invited a new teacher to guide us through our practice. During this same time period I attended the weekly family class at my favourite Taekwondo dojang. The new meditation teacher just happened to be a student at this particular class as well. This was the perfect invitation to strike up a conversation that led to some more conversations and included pretty strong coffee, some seriously cold weather camping and a new friendship. The latest shared practice is Tai Chi, that we study with Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi.

The idea to present this collaborative in-person workshop, focussed on discovering the heart's path, came forth out of our time spent practicing Tai Chi and sitting in meditation together. I like to think that The Soulful Living Initiative was born out of shared silences. The work is focussed on opening up the landscape of the soul to participants. It shifts the focus from doing to being through an exploration of movement, meditation, music, visual arts, food and literature. The process is continually informed by the art and practice of coaching. The gift of living a soulful life is an opening up to JOY in everyday living - moment, by movement, by moment.

8 Invitations to join The Soulful Living Initiative include:

1) Feeling Like your life is stuck on autopilot

2) You often feel jaded, bored or tired

3) You are doing everything that is expected of you to create a happy life but still feel like something is missing.

4) You are striving to find connection and gratitude in day to day life.

5) You do very little in life simply for the sake of self-enrichment

6) You have a difficult time expressing yourself in tangible ways.

7) You are sick and tired of feeling incomplete

8) You are frustrated by your inability to find answers to your own deepest questions.

If this offer speaks to your heart, Meghan and myself are excited to explore and celebrate life with you via The Soulful Living Initiative. See you soon!

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