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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

For her, both mother and child were born of emptiness at the exact same instant. Her bleeding body naturally gave way to this new heart that bled for all of humanity's forgotten children. The many became One and the heart of compassion would not be consoled.

For him, it was always undeniable that everything is the One thing appearing as many. When his blood spilled onto cracked earth, satiating parched ground at the place of skulls, he pardoned them because he knew that they lost their way to the river of life.

The master's body thirsted with the ache of every longing heart wandering the world of ten thousand things and she knew that wine fit for kings become stale and sour in the face of this kind of passion. He was thirsty with life's insatiable desire for itself so it was completely natural to turn his face from the wine of reason to drink the cup of emptiness.

As sure as surrender is a holy tributary that joins the river of life and oblivion the cradle of the seeds of creation, so out of utter emptiness rises the Christ of man.

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