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The power of...wait. What?!


"We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training"

Archilochus, Greek soldier and poet 650 BC

This was supposed to be a reflection on practice makes perfect, which is actually incorrect. As my handsome husband always says: practice makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect! So, I wanted to suggest learning from the best. I also wanted to point out that we are always practicing something and how this fact ties into the habits we find ourselves locked into. All excellent points that will be really rich subject matter for conversation over a glass of red wine.

This was when I thought Bruce Lee owned the quote, before I read that the actual wise man this quote is attributed to, is described as a Greek soldier slash poet.

Wait. What?! Serious double take here. What is a soldier - poet? How is it possible to be an open hearted poet by night and a blood thirsty soldier by day? When I first noticed the soldier slash poet description I had an image of John Lennon building atomic bombs in his free time. Imagine.

Perhaps Archilochus is an original version of the multi - passionate. If this is indeed the case the above mentioned information should give all you multi - passionates some serious hope in terms of making room to express all of your beautiful selves. May I also point out that our mysterious soldier - poet seems to have pulled off his very odd combination of life paths. I say this because 650 BC seems like it precedes climate change by a comfortable margin and yet here I am quoting Archilochus. It also points to the value of writing things down. Personally I have always suspected this to be of value, sometimes even risky. Our soldier slash poet seems to be classic proof of the pen being mightier than the sword.

I just want to point out that blogging does not fall into the latter category because hieroglyphs vs the inter webs vs cataclysmic events makes a pretty good argument for using an actual pen or perhaps following in Banksy's footsteps.

This begs the question, is Banksy an artist slash criminal?

So instead I offer this post as a shout out to all the multi - passionates out there. Maybe you don’t have to choose just one path. Give yourself permission to be true to yourself because Archilochus proves that you can express all of you and be the best version of immortal that this planet has to offer.


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