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Finding Perspective in a Polarized World

What would be different if you interacted on social media with the intention to understand others through conversation and openness vs only expressing or defending your opinions and worldview ?

Exploring a point of view and adopting said point of view are two very different actions. It is pretty safe and dare I say wise to put your feet in the water across the divide. When doing so, shifting inquiry from "How in the heck can someone believe this is true?" to "How does someone make meaning in order for this point of view to be a fit for them?" creates enough space for understanding to enter the picture. Maybe just pondering but at the very least it takes dismissal of the table. Remember that a person's actions makes sense to them based on their model of the world, so my invitation to you is to take on their perspective, borrow their eyes so to speak, wear their shoes for a bit and see what learning becomes possible. Ask them questions motivated by understanding them instead of attempting persuasion to your way of being and seeing.

Remember that things have existed on this planet in relation to their opposites from the get go. Even planet Earth has two poles. Media coverage would have you believe that the poles are all that exist when in fact those are the areas most void of life. All the juice exist in between and maybe even because of the extremes. How will it serve you to keep the under reported middle ground in mind when navigating current events? How many opinions can you hold without identifying with any of them? How do these opinions inform you? What can you learn? and How can you serve?

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