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Aim high and then take a mindful flight to your destination.

Too often We are tempted to look at life in a polarized way where things are either black or white. Life seldom conforms to such a life view and a lot of opportunity ends up passing us by. More often than not life is beautifully juicy and leans itself more to a ‘both-and’ philosophy. So the challenge is to be willing to hold both polar opposites and be comfortable with the space in between.

Polarity says that I can have fun as soon as I meet my deadline. I can go on a family vacation after I earn my promotion. I will be happy once I buy that new house. I can wear a beautiful dress once I lose the weight. You get the picture. We all have these ‘if-when’ scenarios but the truth is that they keep us blind to the fact that we are supposed to enjoy the journey on the way to the goal. Life happens in the pursuit, even though victory is sweet, it last but an instant and off we go chasing after a new goal.

It stands to reason that we have to figure out how to relish the journey towards the goal in order to be content. I dare you to hold both versions of yourself at once. The perfect vision of you when you have reached your goal and the person you are at this very moment. In truth the two will never be separate because it takes all of who you have become up until this moment to propel yourself towards your hoped for future. The strength and resolve you will need to complete the journey exists within you at this very moment.

Can you celebrate who you are at any given moment on your road to becoming? Can you stop and enjoy the road towards the goal? What gifts are meant to be enjoyed today? Life is fleeting, blink and you might miss it!

When we can hold both the journey and the goal as sacred, life presents itself in all its splendour. When I celebrate myself as I am, it does not mean I am giving up on who I am capable of becoming! Beautiful dresses come in many different sizes, do I feel beautiful enough to pick one that makes my heart smile and wear it today? Do I spend time with my family and tell them I love then on my way to earning that promotion? Am I grateful for the house that I have now while I save for an even better one? Most importantly do I remember that life happens this day?

A good cup of coffee in the morning can just as well be savoured by your kitchen table as in that cabin in the woods. Choose to taste it. Your favourite song is equally awesome on route to a family vacation as during your morning commute. Choose to hear it. The sun on your face is just as warm while you wait to pick up your child up from soccer practice as it is on your bike ride through the mountains. Choose to feel it.

Wake up to the possibility of being fully alive in every perfectly imperfect moment while you become the person you envision yourself to be. Being awake when you arrive will be necessary to enjoy the accomplishment.

Aim high and then take a mindful flight to your destination.

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